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REMBLOCK will support and defend the guidelines and governance set forth by the EOS.IO Constitution. In order to protect the network, we will not comply with any requests that are forbidden by the Constitution. We try to ensure the constitution is transparently communicated to all token holders. REMBLOCK will adhere to the REMChain Governances and will adapt to any and all future changes made to the Governance.



REMBLOCK will welcome all opportunities to co-operate with other Block Producers that do not compromise our independence and standby ours values. We believe it is a combined effort of the entire community to effectively run and govern the REMChain ecosystem. REMBLOCK will participate in open discussions with the community to contribute to any current technical or governance issues. With the decentralized and open source nature of REMChain, based on EOS.IO, the role of a block producer is to lead from the front, nurturing an environment where collaboration is encouraged.



REMBLOCK will provide transparency and always fully disclose all blockchain networks we support and participate in, along with any dapp partnerships & collaboration. Our team will be transparent to the community and will always seek to exceed any relevant community transparency requirements as they evolve.

Anti Collusion


We will strive to do everything in our power to prevent collusion, vote buying, bribery, or other unethical acts. We ourselves will not be involved in any such acts and will do what is required to preserve the integrity of the REMChain network.

Financial Independence


REMBLOCK is 100% self-funded and bootstrapped immediately by the founding team’s personal capital. REMBLOCK is operated by 2 founders which jointly have 100% ownership. We will maintain full financial independence at all times. This includes no operational control by any outside investors and no ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interests in other network block producers, other supported networks, or the publishers of the REMChain Protocol ( or the publishers of the EOSIO software (

Network Performance


REMBLOCK will operate effectively & efficiently in accordance with network requirements. We will always place the highest priority on investing back into the required network infrastructure and people to enable all of the networks that we support perform at the highest level and scale effectively.

We are committed to running high-end bare metal infrastructure in the future to ensure that we give all supported networks the resources that they need. We will never just meet the "minimum requirements". We will always strive to be one the top performing block producers on the network and

will scale our hardware as the network grows.

Ethical Standards


REMBLOCK will always act with honesty, integrity and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct, including the resolving of conflicts. This also entails abiding by all aspects of the constitutions or user agreements of the respective REMChain ecosystem.



REMBLOCK will commit to having ongoing discussions with all REM token holders through all our social channels, as well as designated community communication channels. We will do our best to form a consensus within the community. We encourage constructive dialogue & criticism as well as collaboration & support from the REM community.




REMBLOCK will maintain full political and operational independence at all times. We will not directly manage or operate more than one block producing node within

any singular EOSIO blockchain.




Future Amendments to our Code of Conduct will be broadcast to the REM community through viable communication channels before formal adoption.