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The intent of the regproducer action is to register an account

as a BP candidate.

I remblock21bp, hereby nominate myself for consideration

as an elected block producer.

I remblock21bp agree to process transactions on a FIFO best-effort basis and to honestly bill transactions for measured execution time.

If remblock21bp is unable to perform obligations under this contract I will resign my position by resubmitting this contract with the null producer key.

I remblock21bp agree to maintain a website hosted at remblock.io which contains up-to-date information on all disclosures required by this contract.

If remblock21bp is selected to produce blocks by the REMChain contract, I will sign blocks with my producer key and I hereby attest that  I will keep this key secret and secure.

I remblock21bp agree not to set the RAM supply to more RAM than my nodes contain and to resign if I am unable to provide the RAM approved by 2/3+ producers, as shown in the system parameters.